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Recycle 2 Riches

We've done 2 collaborations with them so far. Our first collab was our custom patches where we created designs that represent both our brands and then embroidered them on recycled denim. Our second collab is a monthly one where we take vintage jackets and give them a new life using embroidery and recycled fabric for the paneling. Both can be found and ordered from our sites.

R2R x NFR teamed up to transform the culture of jacket consumption. Each month we will be releasing a transformed jean jacket together. Recycle2Riches’s father / son production house will be working on all the paneling and Not for Reproduction will be embroidering funky prints. All of the jackets will be priced reasonably at $150.00 and will launch every second Friday of every month for as long as we can. This collaboration is meant to inspire our communities to repurpose and redesign their clothes instead of just saying goodby to them. We want to keep clothes in the fashion loop and out of landfills. To purchase a R2R X NFR transformed jacket is to say, "I am not afraid to show my personal style off and flaunt it because you know I got it!” 

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