Looking to customize a pre-owned garment or add a one-of-a-kind patch to your collection? Scroll to the bottom to send me an email and we can go from there!




1. Fill out the contact form below with a short description of what you would to like design for your garment or custom patch. I can provide the garment or you can send me one you already own. All garments I provide are vintage or secondhand.

2. Make sure to include reference photos and your budget for the piece. All designs are hand-drawn and original, but reference photos are super helpful for both design and price. All embroidery starts at a minimum of $25. I'll send you a quote once we determine your design and budget.

3. I’m always happy to offer payment plans or pay-what-you-can options. Please mention this in your email.

4. Expect an email response within the week.

***Customs usually take 4-6 weeks to complete. Subject to change depending on size.